21 Times People Playing Historical Figures Were So Attractive It Was Actually Distracting



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Witnessing some of the most notable historical figures' lives relived on the silver screen can be a moving experience. As filmmakers bring history books to life, audiences have the chance to interpret the character traits and personalities of some of the most influential or notorious leaders and influencers. 

Though we all buy movie tickets or stream these movies and series with the intent of reliving the past, sometimes the actors who producers choose to play these historical figures quickly steal the scene with their overly attractive features. We can't really fault them - the characters these sexy celebrities portray were known mostly for their talent, leadership qualities, intelligence, or notoriety - not necessarily their looks. Still, we become so mesmerized by their beauty and style that we have difficulty following the storyline playing out on screen.

This list features some of the silver screen's casted celebrities that seriously outshined their storylines. Vote up the actors who made it hard to focus.