Who Do You Think Will Win Super Bowl LII?

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Vote up the NFL teams you think are most likely to win the 2017-2018 Super Bowl.
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It's no secret America loves football and with the biggest game of the season getting closer each day, the internet is awash with Super Bowl 2018 predictions. Which two teams will square off at this year's Super Bowl? And who will win Super Bowl 52? Cast your votes below. 

Strong contenders include teams like the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings. Teams with huge fan bases - like the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers - could also surprise America with a Super Bowl win. Super Bowl 52 predictions are across the board this year. While it's impossible to predict what will actually go down, it's still fun to debate, discuss, and even bet on this year's potential Super Bowl contenders. 

Which NFL team will win the Super Bowl LII? Cast your votes below. 

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