Commercials 17 Super Bowl Commercials That Perfectly Pandered To Trump's America  

Jacob Shelton
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Super Bowl commercials are supposed to be fun. Aside from the half-time show, they’re the only reason that most people watch the game. But in the current political climate, it’s hard not to see conservative companies hedging their bets with pandering commercials that make a play at red states and the people who voted for Donald Trump. Whether these offensive Super Bowl commercials are laying on the casual racism as thickly as possible or they’re simply trying to convince the audience to party hard and not think about anything, they’re taking part in a kind of disinformation war that makes for some of the worst Super Bowl commercials and a bad night when you watch them during a complete drag of a football game.

For every commercial that depicted a multi-racial group of people having a fun time while they get dizzy on sugar water, there were just as many reminding you to consume government-subsidized products and buy manly automobiles because you are a man and you’ll be less of one if you’re seen in a vehicle that isn’t the size of a tank. Once you key into the strange logic of a commercial that’s pandering to Trump’s America it’s hard not to see the signs of these commercials everywhere you look, from American flag Speedos to people destroying their bladders during the big game. Vote up the Super Bowl LI commercials that most pandered to Trump’s America. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger For Mobile Strike

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You don't get more 'Murican than a phone game where you get to blow things up from hundreds of thousands of miles away. Finally, a game where you get to plan your own drone strikes that are carried out while you sit on the toilet! And the Terminator is telling you it's cool, so you know it's going to be fun. 

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That Oil Comercial

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Don't you just love oil? Oil is the best! Think of all the things you can do with oil! There must be so many American flags built out of oil, and red, white, and blue pick-up trucks run on oil, and don't forget about all of the cool pipelines that oil gets to travel through in order to make it to the tankers that hold the oil so you can purchase it at an inflated rate. Yeah, oil!

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Intel And Tom Brady Hate Dogs

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Tom Brady stealing a pancake from a cute dog and eating it in front of him is the perfect metaphor for America in this moment. 

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Get On Your Knees For The Chevy Silverado

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So, in this commercial where "real people" are shown vehicles that are probably too expensive for them to own, a guy legit kisses a truck. He gets down on his knees and kisses a truck because it's so... truck-like? Should his wife be worried that her husband is carrying on like that with an inanimate object right in front of her?  Anyway, go buy a truck. Then become a truck. You are a truck.