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20 Super Creepy Animal Facts That Are Actually Pretty Upsetting

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Don't fall for the cute and cuddly ploys of the animals on this list - most are stone cold killers. From the dark side of dolphins to the evil nature of woodpeckers, vote up the awful animal facts that give you the creeps.

  • In confinement, quails can [eat their own kind and] single out a pen mate to peck out the face, eyes, and feet of their victims. 

    Posted by u/cement-skeleton:

    I had pet quails that had babies. When the babies were mature enough to tell which were male and female, the mum and dad quail, along with their daughters, attacked the only male baby. When I got back from work that day the quail had been pecked so many times its head was nothing but a skull.

    No eyes, no feathers, no skin yet [he was] still alive, just standing there while the others would casually walk up to him and take another peck. Of course euthanasia was the only option.

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    Woodpeckers will drill into the heads of baby birds and eat their brains. 


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    Posted by u/bob_rob_III:

    Ducks become cannibals due to boredom, of all reasons. They can only be stopped by cutting off their "mouths!"

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  • Posted by u/ilovepi3point14159:

    The more you learn about dolphins, the more you learn to hate them. They [sexually assault] both people and their own females. Sometimes in gangs. And they kill babies, both of other species and of their own species. Sometimes they use other species' babies as volleyballs. 

    Posted by u/Deliciousbutter101:

    Dolphins will tear off the heads of fish and use it [for play.]

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