Total Nerd 20 Things You Never Knew About Super Mario Bros.  

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Super Mario Bros. marked the beginning of the console revolution that changed video games forever. Yes, there were plenty of console games over in Japan, but it wasn’t until a little plumber and his brother set out to save a princess from an ox/turle/sorta dragon that the world began to take notice of side scrolling console games.

This list of Super Mario Bros. trivia contains some facts even the most knowledgeable players probably aren’t aware of. And if you do know about some of these, you either work for Nintendo or you haven’t left your bedroom in 30 years. See how many of these Super Mario Bros. fun facts you know.

Mario Brothers trivia is always fun because it reminds you of a simpler time when all you had to worry about was whether or not you could save the princess before dinner. As long as your brother or sister didn’t hold down the reset button while you were playing, you probably did just fine. The facts on this list of 20 things you didn’t know about Super Mario span the creation of the much loved character, all the way to the fun stuff like glitches in the game and which famous composer designed a small piece of Mario history.

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There Are 256 Glitched Levels in Super Mario Bros.

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If you want to access the 256(!) extra glitch levels in Super Mario Bros. you need to go find yourself a top loading NES system and a copy of Nintendo TennisPut your Mario cartridge in, then take it out with the system still on. Put the Tennis cartridge in, then reset. Serve once, run around for a bit, and then take Tennis out with the system still on and put Mario back in. Reset Mario, then press both A and start at once and you’ll be on one of the 256 glitched out “secret levels."

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The 1-Up Turtle is Not a Glitch

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Gamers love to find glitches, so when players came across a slow poke turtle (specifically in level 3-1) that gave out almost 100 1-ups, they thought they'd hit glitch paydirt. It wasn't until much later that Miyamato revealed that this was meant to be in the game all along. 
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Super Mario Bros. Was Meant to Be the Last Cartridge Game EVER

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Before becoming Nintendo's first big hit in America, Super Mario Bros. was supposed to be Nintendo's cartridge based ride into the sunset before they switched to the floppy disk-based Famicom Disk System. Ironically, the game was so popular that cartridges stuck around for another two decades. 
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Mario's Design Is Based on Graphical Impossibilities

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We live in a world of almost infinite possibilities when it comes to graphics in video games, but when Shigeru Miyamoto was creating Super Mario Bros., he had to come up with interesting ways around his very real limitations. Mario was given a mustache in order to get around drawing a mouth, and he sports a hat because it was almost impossible to portray hair.

What about the overalls? Those ensured that players could tell that he was swinging his hands back and forth as he was walking or running.

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