The Most Aggressively Sexual Anime

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Believe it or not, these super sexual anime are not hentai. They may be lewd, racy, and naughty, but they don’t quite cross the line into all-out porn. Though not hentai, their plots abound with sexual themes, if sex isn't already the main plot. In these dirty anime shows, breasts possess a mighty power, scantily clad bodies are the norm, and a male character gets at least three females to fawn over him, whether he wants it or not. One show's entirety centers on the fictional sport "Keijo," where women in swimsuits use breasts and booty to knock their opponent off a platform and into the pool below. Super sexual anime will cross all sorts of lines with absolutely no qualms about it.

You probably wouldn’t want to watch these series with your parents, and you might be reluctant to admit you actually like them. However, no one can deny these naughty anime are entertaining, and satisfy every kind of fan service imaginable.

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