Total Nerd This Artist Drew A Bunch Of Super Smash Bros. Characters As Big, Gay Bears  

Mick Jacobs
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Thanks to mankind's idle free time and the inventive minds of the Internet, you now no longer need to imagine Super Smash Bros. characters as gay men. For all you gay men who grew up playing this paradigm of multiplayer fighters, Super Smash Bears rekindles that old gamer passion along with other more sensual ones. Artist Leoleus reimagined multiple Super Smash Bros. characters as bears, taking them from their cartoon-y, cutesy selves into brusque and burly men. Rather than depicting each character as a chiseled Adonis or sassy twink, Leoleus's Super Smash Bros. fan art imagines them as curvy, more robust specimens, giving the Internet a breath of fresh air. Even the Herculean Captain Falcon breaks from his standard Schwarzenegger physique for something a little more full-bodied.

Here you'll find Ness all grown up and ready to do some damage alongside a Luigi whose mansion probably sports a certain type of dungeon as well. Many of the TKOs you see here definitely make a case for placement among everyone's favorite gay fictional characters. Though you might never have expected to see Super Smash Bros. characters as gay men, here you are.

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