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What Your 'Super Smash Bros.' Character Says About You

There is no ritual quite as sacred as gathering with close friends, cracking open a few beers, and beating the living daylights out of each other in Super Smash Bros. The fighting game has gone through several iterations, but no matter how much higher the graphics quality gets in each version, there is always one constant: your main Super Smash Bros. character. 

Like your Mario Kart character, who you choose as your Smash Bros. fighter says a lot about you. Sure, some people can play well with a bunch of the characters, but we all have that one character that just feels right. Your go-to is your id - you at your most primitive, unfiltered self. 

What does your Super Smash Bros. character say about you?

  • Photo: Nintendo

    You have been playing Super Smash Bros. since its release, and surprisingly, you are a generally a good sport. People enjoy playing with you because you are an expert fighter and you like to share tips with less experienced players. 

    You tend to be that guy in the office the new person clings to, but you don't mind. Many admire your self-confidence and ability to go with the flow - and you know it, but stay humble. Good on you. 

  • Photo: Nintendo

    You're the person who says, "Let's just have fun, everyone!" as you set up a round. Deep down, however, you're hoping to obliterate your opponents. You get so frustrated when your egg bombs don't hit -  but when they do, it's a thing of beauty. 

    Best described as a frenemy in real life, you know how to get close enough to people to learn their most intimate weakness - and then use it against them. 

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    One of the original Nice Guys. You believe in True Love, and you don't get why your crush doesn't reciprocate your overwhelming yet passive advances, like when you texted them a ransom offer since they stole your heart. Yeah.

    You're addicted to a good ol' structured narrative, and the fact your life outside of Super Smash isn't falling into place makes you feel like you were somehow forgotten. However, you weren't forgotten - you were too busy trying to take cool selfies with your sword to realize everyone else was working towards that picture-perfect life. 

  • Photo: Nintendo

    A quick-witted pop culture junkie, your zingers are almost as electrifying as your down-B thunderbolt.

    Still, like the aforementioned move, your unrelenting wit can drive people up the wall. You don't always need to be the first one to break down the latest MCU movie scene-by-scene on your office's Slack. Please. Don't.