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Everything We Know About 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' So Far

Many consider Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. one of the most popular video game series ever, and the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features a roster poised to capitalize on that rabid fandom. The addicting, fun games appeal to both professional and casual gamers, and every new release announcement sends fans into a frenzy guessing which new Smash Bros. characters will be included.

Beyond a few fresh faces to pummel into the ground, what else can we expect when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives? What new modes will it feature? Will it be easier to play online? And will Nintendo ever slake the thirst of devoted Waluigi fans? It can be tricky keeping up with all the new announcements about the game. So, let's put it all in one place before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate debuts on December 7, 2018.

  • There's A Glitch That Lets You Summon Legions Of Waluigis

    Video: YouTube

    So many fans were disappointed when they learned that despite having 75 characters, Ultimate does not let you play at Waluigi. While you can't be Waluigi, there is a fun glitch that helps you summon a horrifying amount of helpers - even the purple-clad villain. 

    YouTube channel Master0fHyrule taped the glitch, which involves using the Assist Trophy:

    If two Isabelles are on the stage at the same time and both try to use the fishing rod on an Assist Trophy, one of them will grab it and then automatically keep using the same Assist Trophy over and over spamming whatever is inside of it.


  • The Limited Edition Comes With A GameCube Controller

    The limited edition version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes with all sorts of great stuff, including a GameCube controller and adapter. It's fantastic news for the Smash Bros. fighting community, as many consider the GameCube controller the gold standard for competitive play.

  • What Is 'Spirits' Mode?

    Observant fans decoded what appears to be a new mode coming to Ultimate. By dissecting the trailer, fans believe a new option called 'Spirits' will appear in the game. Nobody knows what this means, as Nintendo hasn't made an official announcement yet. Many speculate it could be Ultimate's version of a single-player campaign, though. This might also tie into Luigi seemingly getting straight-up murdered in one of the game's trailers.

  • Every Previous Character In The Series Is Playable

    When Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the top question on fans' mind was whether their favorite characters from previous games would return. The answer: a resounding "yes." 

    From original roster members Mario and Fox to controversial additions like Bayonetta and Cloud, every character from every Super Smash Bros. game features in Ultimate. Even Jigglypuff.