Pictures That Will Make You Instantly Uncomfortable

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Brace yourself - this collection of super uncomfortable photos is the internet-surfing equivalent of walking around in wet socks. The absurdity of these images reveals the depths of human depravity, as well as a willingness to play with fire.

Wi-Fi access and a disregard for law and order leads to the spread of weird images throughout the web, providing users tons of hexed images to add to their meme account. These uncomfortable images demand clarification for their crimes against aesthetics. What motivated someone to ruin a recipe with toothpaste? Are those heels actually "practical?" Who let you eat that?

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    How Many Licks ('Til It Falls Off)?

    How Many Licks ('Til It Falls Off)?
    Photo: u/VB70rdc / Reddit
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    Clean Your Keys

    Clean Your Keys
    Photo: u/Uselessmedics / Reddit
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    The Garden Of Eden

    The Garden Of Eden
    Photo: u/US_Hiker / Reddit
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    Stuntin' In Your Why Heels

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    Breakfast Of Barbarians

    Breakfast Of Barbarians
    Photo: Pinterest
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    Live From Inside Your Ear

    Live From Inside Your Ear
    Photo: u/jaireaux / Reddit
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