People Confess The Most Shallow Reasons They Had For Breaking Up With Someone

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Breaking up with someone is one of the hardest things that people have to do during their lives. While there are definitely good reasons for ending a relationship, there are also plenty of superficial and shallow reasons as well. Redditors share some trifling reasons for breakups that are astonishingly cruel and funny. 

As always, people love taking to the Internet to tell truths they would never utter aloud in real life. Whether it is sharing marriage-ending secrets or secrets that would ruin lives, the Internet is the ideal destination to find the very worst, and best, of humanity. So, if you have ever felt bad about the end of a relationship, take a look at these confessions where people used superficial reasons to break up with someone - you may not feel as bad. Vote up the tales that used the most shallow excuses as a catalyst to end a relationship.

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    They Just Wanted To Use Their Swimming Pool For The Weekend

    From Bubbasticky:

    “Elementary school near the end of the school year. Weather report said a really hot weekend was coming up and my friends and I wanted to go swimming. I asked this unpopular girl to be my girlfriend (so my friends and I could access her pool all weekend). She's stoked.

    Swim all weekend, invite our actual female friends to join us at her place. The unpopular girl thinks she's got it made in the social shade. Negatory. Once the weekend was over, I dumped her.

    I was kind of a pr*ck as a kid. Not much better as an adult, really.”

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    It Was Almost Valentine's Day, And They Didn't Want To Get Them A Gift

    From TheTrueGentleman:

    “I broke up with an ex the night before Valentine’s Day, because I was too lazy to get her a gift. I may or may not have been an *sshole in high school.”

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    They Moved One Bus Too Many Bus Transfers Away

    From PforPanchetta511:

    “I once had an amazing girlfriend who moved 15 minutes away from where she lived. I broke up with her because I didn't want to take an extra bus.”

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    They Got Too Tan In Summer

    From paper_paws:

    “Not me, but a male friend told me he dumped his girlfriend for being too tanned. He had met her in winter and she was "sexy pale" and through the summer, she caught the sun (British summer, so not much at that) and that was cause for ending it. He admits he was a d*ck when he was younger.”

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    They Beat Them At Magic The Gathering

    From andrewsmith1986:

    “She beat me in a game of Magic the Gathering.

    I wasn't even a kid at the time, I was a junior in college.

    I don't even regret it.”

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    They Scored Too Low On The Cosmo Test

    From Tyler_no_Likey:

    "I took one of those Cosmo tests to see if she was my perfect match. I knew the test was meant for girls, but I figured what the hell. Anyway, she got a below average score and so I had to call it quits."

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