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This Makeup Artist Can Transform Himself Into Any Comic Book Character Using Body Paint

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Argenis Pinal slathers himself and others in body paint and the results are seriously jaw-dropping. He is exceptionally good at superhero body paint transformations but as evidenced on his Instagram, Pinal can create just about anything if he's given the right canvas.

A cosmetologist based in California, Pinal has taken his love of comic books, his love of cosplay body paint, and his love of social media and combined them into a trend that's sweeping the Internet. Similar to Georgina Ryland's best looks, Pinal's living artwork is otherworldly but extremely realistic. His rendering of the Wolverine, for example, looks as if it belongs in a comic book. You can only tell that the X-Man is a person and not an animated image if he moves. 

Argenis Pinal doesn't limit himself to superheroes, either. He paints villains and female heroines with equal amounts of aplomb and skill.