Which Superhero Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Forget about lions, fish, and scorpions when it comes to reading your horoscope. Let's face it, you're a nerd - and as a nerd, you need an equally as nerdy way to crack down on the secrets of your personality. That's why determining what superhero matches your zodiac sign is perfect for figuring out what's really going on at the core of your unique, geek nature. 

For every zodiac sign, there's a superhero that aligns perfectly with the best and worst traits of their respective astrological entities. Whether it's their intellectual passion for building powerful gadgets, their charisma and wit, or their uncontrollable emotional states, these superhero zodiac signs may ring a little too true for a few of you.

Astrological signs for each superhero show which fantastic fictional character vibes with you the most. With a comic book character for each zodiac sign, you can find out how you'd deal with the intensely unreal situations that some of the most famous superheros of all time have to handle on a daily basis.