12 Superheroes Whose Best Friend Turned Into Their Archnemesis

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Good characters turning bad is nothing new in comic books - or really any form of dramatic fiction - but it takes an especially cruel twist to turn a best friend into an archnemesis. And yet, that seems to keep happening to those crime-fighting caped crusaders who patrol the pages of Marvel and DC Comics. 

Nothing hurts more than a former BFF becoming a supervillain, but nothing adds more pathos to a superhero battle either, and so it’s come to pass plenty of times. In fact, some of the most evil villains in comic books used to pal around with some of the most prominent heroes. Occasionally, these bad breakers can be redeemed and brought back to the forces of good - but usually, they find it’s more fun to stay on the dark side.

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  • Though they didn’t meet until college, Peter Parker and Harry Osborn quickly became the best of friends. Their relationship was eventually complicated by the fact that Harry’s father was the Green Goblin, archnemesis of Peter’s alter ego, Spider-Man. But what really complicated it was Harry proceeding to become the Green Goblin himself on two separate occasions, then croak, then come back to life as an even deadlier supervillain.

    Falsely believing Spider-Man had slain his father, Harry snapped when he learned his BFF had been the wall-crawler all along. He put on his father’s costume, hopped on his glider, and targeted Peter’s apartment. Without any of Norman Osborn’s trademark goblin-strength, however, Harry was easily bested by Spidey - beaten into amnesia, in fact.

    When those memories inevitably resurfaced, Harry took the time to re-create his father’s Goblin Formula and became the Green Goblin for real. His plotting and scheming eventually saw Peter and Mary Jane Watson trapped in a building that was about to explode, but Harry had second thoughts and gave his life to save them, sacrificing himself while calling Peter his “best friend.”

    Years later, Peter and Mary Jane sold their marriage to Mephisto, and one of the many side effects was Harry coming back to life. Harry remained a staunch friend and ally of Peter thereafter - and a vocal opponent of his dad - until he revealed himself as Kindred, a new supervillain and the source of more than 50 issues of misery for Spider-Man.

  • After surviving the Holocaust, Max Eisenhardt changed his name to Erik “Magnus” Lehnsherr and began traveling the world. In time, he settled in Israel, where he volunteered his time at a psychiatric hospital for fellow victims of the Shoah. And that’s where he met Charles Xavier. 

    Strangely enough, both men frequently debated the politics of mutants, and if they could ever peacefully coexist with humans, without ever telling one another of their mutant powers. A strike by Hydra forced them to reveal their abilities, but Magnus's ruthless response also convinced Charles that their views were irreconcilable.

    The two parted ways, with Xavier going on to found the X-Men and Magnus taking on the name Magneto and forming the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Since then, the two have frequently gone head-to-head - Professor X once wiped Magneto’s mind clean - but they’ve also put their differences aside on numerous occasions, most recently in the founding of the mutant nation Krakoa.

  • Batman's Childhood Pal Thomas Elliot Became Hush To Get 'Revenge' For Batman's Father Saving His Mother's Life
    Photo: DC Comics

    Prior to the tragedy that would come to define Bruce Wayne's life, his childhood best friend was Thomas Elliot. But young Tommy secretly harbored great hatred for the Wayne family because Bruce’s father had saved Tommy’s mother from the near-fatal car collision that claimed her husband - a mishap that Tommy engineered!

    Elliot became a surgeon, but a chance encounter with the Riddler led to him to the discovery that Bruce Wayne and Batman were one and the same. Seeking revenge, Thomas took on the supervillain identity of Hush and started pulling strings in the background of Gotham, doing everything he could to make the Dark Knight's life a living hell.

    Batman eventually figured out Thomas's secret identity and defeated his old pal, but Hush has returned time and again to cause trouble, with his most notable scheme involving the literal removal of Catwoman’s heart from her chest.

  • Dick Grayson’s Old Circus Friend Is Now A Saiko Killer
    Photo: DC Comics

    As kids, Dick Grayson and Raymond McCreary were both performers in Haly’s Circus, but then Grayson’s parents perished and he was adopted by Bruce Wayne, destined for a superheroic life, first as Robin and later as Nightwing. Before all that, however, Dick had been preselected to be groomed as a Talon assassin for the Court of Owls; when he left the circus, that designation fell to Raymond.

    The Court tormented Raymond, hoping to toughen him up enough to become a Talon, but they ultimately decided he wasn’t up to snuff and left him out in the wilderness to expire. Raymond survived, decided that Dick was to blame for all his troubles, and took up the costumed identity of Saiko to enact his revenge. Imagine his surprise when Dick turned out to already be a well-established superhero. Saiko attempted to destroy both Nightwing and Haly’s Circus, failed at both, and then chose to take his own life rather than live with his failures.