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The Best Superhero Evolution on Film

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As the studios keep cranking out superhero film after superhero film things change. Drastically.

Whether it's technological advances in CGI (The Hulk) recasting of your character (Batman) or both (Spider-Man) it makes a big difference as to how the character is portrayed and the overall tone of the film. Some (not all) of Ang Lee's Hulk's problems were that they were trying to create a fully realized character that the technology just wasn't ready for yet. And even when the technology is ready, we still end up with digital faux pas like Henry Cavill's poorly erased mustache in Justice League. Costumes and material advancements are also a huge factor.

Whatever the cast may be here we take a look back at how these characters have changed throughout the years, for better or worse. These are the best superhero evolutions on film!