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Superhero Costumes In Movies That Improved On The Comics

March 16, 2020 28.8k votes 1.9k voters 17.4k views21 items

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When you get right down to it, the concept of the superhero is actually pretty silly. Sure, it's inspiring to think that, given extraordinary powers or unlimited wealth, a person would choose to be virtuous and help their fellow citizens, but that's not all heroes do. They also tend to dress themselves in garish form-fitting costumes that surely make winter a painful crimefighting experience.

This is something Hollywood takes into account when they adapt these heroes to the big screen, which is why the best DC and Marvel superhero costumes are much more realistic - which makes sense, because the actors actually have to move around in them. Sometimes individual films or characters miss the mark and end up with truly detestable designs, but this is becoming rarer as the big studios improve their comic book adaptations.

The best superhero films retain the essential qualities of the original 2D costumes while making them practical for use in the real world. Vote up the superheroes whose cinematic costumes were an improvement over the originals.