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Superheroes You'd Like to See Played by Actors of Different Races

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Vote up the heroes you'd most like to see played by a person of a different race and gender in their next movie.

As characters like Miles Morales, Riri Williams, and now the Rocketeer prove, superheroes are often changed from white guys to completely different demographics. While superhero movies rake in wheelbarrows full of cash, Hollywood has on more than one occasion been called out for the lack of diversity in superhero films. Remember when all of Marvel's superheroes seemed like they were just played by white dudes named Chris?

It's been a major problem and studios are finally recognizing that we want a little more variety in our superheroes. When news broke that the 1991 superhero film The Rocketeer was finally getting a follow-up film with an African-American actress in the lead, it became clear that the trend of diversifying familiar characters would spread to superhero films too. 

With Hollywood more willing than ever to change up established formulas, why can't they race-swap superheroes or gender-swap superheroes if they feel there's a better story to be told? Below is a list of superheroes you've come to know and love through cinema. Vote up the superheroes you'd like to see with a different race and gender.

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