16 Times Superheroes Used Their Powers For Fun

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Audiences have a lot of fun watching their favorite superheroes on the screen, but the actual job of being a superhero isn’t typically portrayed as being very fun. It’s a lot of brawling, bruising, and brooding, with only the occasional glimmers of a personal life strewn in between. But every so often, costumed crimefighters stop for a second and realize just how awesome it is to have superpowers - and that’s when the real fun begins.

Truthfully, anyone in the real world who found themselves imbued with superpowers would probably use them far more often for lighthearted revelry than battling evil. That’s why it’s always so refreshing to see superheroes cut loose a little and use their special abilities for something a little less serious, and a whole lot more relatable. 


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    Iceman Chills Wolverine’s Lukewarm Drink For Him

    Sometimes, product placement and character development can happen at the same time. Late one X2 night in the Xavier mansion, Logan pulls a soda out of the fridge and is disappointed to discover it’s still warm.

    Bobby Drake is on hand, however, and the Iceman - eager to impress the Wolverine - uses his icy breath to instantly chill the soda to a more enjoyable drinking temperature. Logan is left thinking that maybe this Drake kid isn’t so bad after all, and audiences are left thirsting for an ice-cold Dr. Pepper.

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    Shazam Becomes A Portable Phone Charger

    Unlike most big-name superheroes, Billy Batson is a kid when he attains the power of Shazam, and so, naturally, he has a little more fun with the experience than the average costumed crimefighter. He play-tests his superpowers for a while and then, with no supervillains around to fight quite yet, attempts to use his abilities for good by heading to the local mall and zapping people’s phones to full charge with his lightning fingers.

    It’s all fun and games until Billy blows up a random passerby’s device and decides to bail on this particular public service. 

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    The Avengers Turn Mjolnir’s Worthiness Enchantment Into A Drinking Game

    The enchantment placed upon the mighty hammer Mjolnir by Odin is a sacred one, intended to ensure that only a truly worthy individual may wield the power of the God of Thunder. By the time Avengers: Age of Ultron rolls around, however, some of the awe has worn off, and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes feel perfectly comfortable turning the enchantment into a drinking game.

    Long after all the randoms have left the shindig at Stark Tower, the Avengers take turns trying to heft the hammer, taking shots both verbal and otherwise as they do. Only Steve Rogers succeeds in budging Mjolnir, but he leaves it at that for the time being. 

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    David Rice Takes The Ultimate Teleportation Vacation In ‘Jumper’

    David Rice of Jumper spends much of that film on the run from a mysterious religious cult who wants to slay him for his teleportational hubris. But when he’s not jumping for his life, David is often enjoying the sort of vacation that’s only really accessible to a teleporter. He pops in and out of restricted sections of the Colosseum, to the top of the Sphinx, and anywhere else he sets his mind to.

    For Rice, there are no lengthy plane trips, no suitcases, no crowds. David doesn’t have to wait in line to get to places that you can’t even wait in line to get to. He just thinks of something he wants to see and goes there. Honestly, it’s a bit of a surprise that every fictional teleporter doesn’t spend most of their time doing something similar. 

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    Wolverine Uses His Claws To Flip Off Cyclops

    Logan spends the entirety of the first X-Men film grumping around, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun along the way. After an intense battle with Mystique in which she takes his form, Wolverine is asked by Cyclops to prove he’s the real deal.

    Without missing a beat, Wolverine sheathes all of his claws except for the middle one, flipping Cyclops the mutant bird. It’s not just funny - it’s convincing. 

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    Quicksilver Sets Multiple Arcade High Scores Simultaneously In Bullet-Time

    When Wolverine and friends first locate Peter Maximoff in X-Men: Days of Future Past, the young mutant is hard at work... kind of. Quicksilver is keeping quite busy in his basement, using his super-speed to set multiple high scores on multiple arcade machines at the same time - arcade machines he almost certainly stole with that very same super-speed.

    It should perhaps come as no surprise that Quicksilver jumps at the opportunity to do something a little more purposeful with his powers. 

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