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Comic Book Characters Who've Studied The Blade

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Typically, when people think of comic book characters from Marvel Comics, Image or DC, they don't picture someone holding a sword so much as they do a person flying about town in a cape and tights. As it happens, there are numerous characters who aren't just casual users of sabers; they are experts in the art of swordplay. Characters like the Black Knight and many more wield everything from magical swords to the standard fare you can buy in the real world, but regardless of the type of blade they carry, they are all equally dangerous.

This list highlights some of the best-trained comic book characters who prefer a more gentlemanly sport of combat than those involving superpowered fists, but not all blade-wielding superheroes can be qualified as the best. Check out the list of superheroes and villains who've studied the blade below, and don't forget to vote up your favorite to see which one rises to the top.

  • Swords: Two single-edged katanas.

    Fighting Style: Deadpool is a master assassin trained in numerous martial arts, although he doesn't have a problem breaking from his training to use whatever is around to take out an opponent.

    Details: Deadpool is lethal with anything he decides is a weapon, but he's particularly dangerous with his twin steel katanas. He is able to charge the blades with an energy field he generates through his tactical suit. Doing this increases their durability and cutting power, which makes them sharp enough to slice through diamond-hard materials.

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  • Sword: Silver-tipped katanas and teakwood daggers.

    Fighting Style: He's skilled in more fighting styles than a person has any right to be, and he will switch them up depending on who he is fighting.

    Details: Eric Brooks didn't take on the name "Blade" because he likes using blunt weaponry. He's a master of numerous forms of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, including Jeet Kune Do, hapkido, jujutsu, boxing, capoeira, Escrima, Shotokan karate, ninjutsu, and kung fu. He's also an expert swordsman and is proficient in every form of weaponry known to man.

    Because he most often battles against vampires, his weapons are tailored to suit that purpose. His metal blades are often tipped with silver and/or infused with garlic. He does wield wooden daggers, as well, and he uses these to put a very sharp stake through the hearts of his enemies.

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  • Sword: Katanas, broadswords, and other similar heavy blades.

    Fighting Style: All fighting styles he witnesses.

    Details: Taskmaster has a unique ability known as Photographic Reflexes. He can mimic the fighting styles and movements of anyone he sees, which makes him at least as dangerous as his opponents, and often, he's even more dangerous than they are. This is because he not only copies the fighting style of his enemies, but he also compounds the knowledge he's learned in past conflicts, which he retains indefinitely.

    Taskmaster can use a blade to fight against someone else who is similarly armed, but he doesn't limit himself in that way. He has numerous energy-based weapons he uses to counter his opponent's abilities, including an energy sword (Captain America), energy claws (Wolverine), and energy webbing (Spider-Man). He often relies on his weapons when fighting against someone with superpowers due to his ability's limitations. He can mimic movements, but he can't copy the ability to heal, fly, cling to walls, or any other ability possessed by his superpowered foes in the Marvel Universe.

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  • Deathstroke
    Photo: DC Comics

    Sword: Double-edged broadsword, dual katanas, and more.

    Fighting Style: Multiple styles make up Slade Wilson's impressive skill set. He is a master swordsman, and he's a master of pretty much every other form of combat.

    Details: Deathstroke doesn't seem to prefer any one weapon over another when he's going about slaying folks. Whatever does the trick for him works, and he's easily one of the most dangerous people in the DC Universe.

    At one time, he did wield the Promethium Sword and the God Killer, which he used to slay the Titan Lapetus. He was also able to stand up against both Superman and Wonder Woman by wielding the blade, but he returned it to Hephaestus after going up against Superman, as was required in the contract with Apollo.

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