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The Best Superheroes Who Wear Glasses

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While the concept of superhero characters who wear glasses has typically been tied to a particular hero using their spectacles to hide their true identity, most of these characters use their glasses to help augment their abilities.

Sure, the act of simply donning regular clothes and wearing glasses was enough to conceal a hero’s true identity back in the day, but the reasoning behind wearing glasses has changed over the years. Some characters have had poor eyesight or even issues with their eyes that require the use of glasses. Scott Summers, for example, dons his shades to help keep his optic lasers contained. However, glasses aren’t the only type of eyewear that certain heroes wear; some of the best superheroes who wear glasses opt for sunglasses (just to look cool), or custom-made lens wear necessary for their fighting abilities. What list of superheroes who wear glasses would be complete without them?

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