Comic Book Characters With Disgusting Superpowers

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Going through life with gross superpowers is worse than not having powers at all. For proof, look no further than half of all the mutants in the Marvel Universe. The activation of the X-Gene has left some mutants so disfigured that they are forced to spend the rest of their days in the sewers, shunned by humanity. Whether it's spitting acid or having slugs inside one's stomach, there are some disgusting superpowers that no one wants to have. 

With great power comes great responsibility, and with the "great" powers on this list comes the great responsibility to not noticeably gag in the presence of these "heroes." Sadly, for a lot of these mutants and failed experiments, their powers hurt them a lot more than they hurt an onlooker's eyes. Some of these powers are honestly better off not being used at all

  • Maggott is a mutant whose powers befit his disgusting name. Throughout his life, Japheth (AKA Maggott) dealt with horrible stomach pains. After being told by a doctor that it was most likely cancer, he decided to end his life instead of becoming a burden on his parents. He was stopped by Magneto, who revealed to the boy that his digestive system was actually two massive slugs, and they were the source of his chronic pain. 

    While some mutants can control the weather or fire optic blasts, Maggott has enhanced strength and speed that he acquires after his slugs return to his body after feeding. That's right; these slugs (named Eany and Meany) regularly burrow out of his body to feed. When they return, his skin turns blue, and he briefly has superpowers. 

  • Zeitgeist's mutant abilities take acid reflux to the X-Treme. His powers first appeared while making out with a woman on the beach. He drunkenly vomited, except instead of ejecting whatever he ate that day, he vomited acid that could melt steel. Sadly, instead of melting steel this time, it melted off the face of the woman he had been making out with.

    To keep further mishaps from happening, Zeitgeist has a protective mouthpiece on his suit, similar to what Cyclops has to do to prevent optic blasts from coming out of his eyes. 

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    Infectious Lass Grows Deadly Bacteria On Her Body

     Infectious Lass Grows Deadly Bacteria On Her Body
    Photo: DC Comics

    Infectious Lass is an alien born on a planet where humanoids exist to serve as hosts for bacteria. Because of this unique origin, Infectious Lass is immune to all diseases, although she excels at spreading them to others. 

    Her goal is to join the Legion of Super-Heroes, but she has always been rejected due to the uncontrollable nature of her powers. Instead, she was placed on the Legion of Substitute Heroes, where she is called up to fight should the Legion ever become too busy to handle a certain threat themselves. 

  • Skin has one of the more disgusting powers of anyone in the Marvel Universe. His mutant gene activated after he became involved in a drive-by shooting in South Central LA, and from then on, his body had about 6 feet of extra skin.

    While that sounds disgusting, it isn't always so bad. When Skin really concentrates, he can compress the skin across his body, giving himself a normal appearance (although this does put a significant strain on him). He can actually use the extra skin for some pretty cool things, like mild shape-shifting to alter his appearance.