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There are a lot of comic book characters, which means the possibilities for video games are practically endless. But somehow, it always seems like the same few superheroes get their own solo games. Aren't we just a little bit bored of the same characters getting the same games over and over and over? So here, we've pulled up a list of the best comic book characters who absolutely deserve their own solo games, yet have never had one.

The list of superheroes who don't have their own video games is way larger than it should be, and characters like Batgirl or Nightcrawler not getting their own games just seems crazy. Don't we deserve a game starring the Joker? How many times are we going to get a Batman game where Jim Gordon's along for the ride before we actually have a game where he's going to take charge? 

So take a look at our list of comic book characters without video games, vote up your favorites from Marvel, DC, and beyond. Your votes determine the list order, so represent the superhero you most want to see star in their own video game!
Nightwing is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Comic Book Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Games
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Dick Grayson has long since broken away from Batman and Gotham to go it alone as Nightwing, cheading to nearby downtrodden Bludhaven to clean up the streets. Dick is arguably more entertaining than Bruce Wayne, anyway, and while Batman has a bigger focus on strength and maximum damage, Nightwing's far more acrobatic, which could make him an idea gaming hero.
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Wonder Woman is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Comic Book Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Games
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That's right, Wonder Woman has never had a solo game. That is absolutely insane and DC really needs to get on it rather quickly. That the most famous female character in the history of comics hasn't had a game is an insult, especially considering just how many horrible games have starred Batman and Superman.
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Joker is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Comic Book Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Games
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With Mark Hamill voicing, The Joker is past due for a solo game filled with mayhem and insanity. Even if the game takes place completely as a fantasy in his head, playing as him would be a crazy romp that no gamer would ever forget. 
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Black Widow is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Comic Book Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Games
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Come on, Natasha Romanoff is the greatest secret agent alive. She's an Avenger. On top of the martial arts and the sneaking around, a strong interrogation mechanic could make a Black Widow game quite unique and fun. Who wouldn't want to play a Metal Gear-style adventure as the deadliest Avenger?
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