Comic Book Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Games

There are a lot of comic book characters, which means the possibilities for video games are practically endless. But somehow, it always seems like the same few superheroes get their own solo games. Aren't we just a little bit bored of the same characters getting the same games over and over and over? So here, we've pulled up a list of the best comic book characters who absolutely deserve their own solo games, yet have never had one.

The list of superheroes who don't have their own video games is way larger than it should be, and characters like Batgirl or Nightcrawler not getting their own games just seems crazy. Don't we deserve a game starring the Joker? How many times are we going to get a Batman game where Jim Gordon's along for the ride before we actually have a game where he's going to take charge? 

So take a look at our list of comic book characters without video games, vote up your favorites from Marvel, DC, and beyond. Your votes determine the list order, so represent the superhero you most want to see star in their own video game!
Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License