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Superheroes And Villains Who Wear Skirts

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Impractical as it may be, the superhero skirt is a common costume. Particularly for superwomen, the skirt denotes a bit of femininity, cementing the idea that these superheroes can still look stylish while they fight the bad guys. Unfortunately, it does add an extra hurdle in the fight against evil. While skirts certainly make for cute outfits, their range of movement is highly limited. 

There's no denying the truth - pants are just plain easier. If you're a superhero looking to save the world, worries about appearing ladylike should be the last thing on your mind. As time has gone on, skirts have become less and less common, but they're still sticking around. So what if Wonder Woman's teeny-tiny mini comes from her Amazon roots? Is it really the most practical choice to fight a barrage of bullets when she enters No Man's Land? (The answer is no.)

Look below for the comic book heroes and villains who wear skirts and vote up the outfits that are the most baffling. 

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    Also known as Kara Zor-El or Kara Danvers, Supergirl is a fellow resident of Superman's home planet of Krypton. She was rocketed to Earth by her father to save her life and claimed a new title as the protector of National City. Her Kryptonian physiology grants her many of the same powers as Superman - heat vision, flight, invulnerability, etc. - but she does all her fighting in a skirt. 

    Supergirl has been rockin' a mini since her very first appearance on the superhero scene. Her skirt, belt, and fitted blue leotard are signature elements of her outfit. While her costume has been more revealing at some points in history and more modest at others, the skirt has always been her constant companion. 

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  • Photo: DC Comics

    A strong Amazonian woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira left her home behind to fight for good in Man's World. The Gods of Olympus granted her many incredible powers, including superhuman strength and agility, accelerated healing, and longevity. In Man's World, Diana stands as a symbol of truth, justice, and equality. She's highly compassionate, but she often struggles to balance her need to fight against evil with her desire to promote peace. 

    As one of the most popular DC superheroes, Wonder Woman's outfit has hardly changed since she first appeared in the comic book world in 1941. At that time, her outfit consisted of a blue skirt with white stars paired with a red, sleeveless top with a gold "W" emblazoned on the front. As the years went on, her outfit maintained a similar look with a few small differences. Certain comics have changed her bottoms to a leotard or a pair of small shorts. However, she always returns to her roots and embraces a short blue skirt with her signature red top. 

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  • Victor Von Doom overcame his difficult childhood and established himself as one of the greatest scientists the world had ever seen. However, he often competed with one of his classmates, Reed Richards, for academic success. When Victor created an invention to rescue his mother from the demon Mephisto, a miscalculation caused the machine to explode, scarring Victor's face. After that, he turned evil and created his signature look, which he then used to fight the Fantastic Four. 

    Victor's outfit features a metal suit that covers his entire body. To complete the look, Victor dons a green robe belted at the waist to create a skirt. He pairs his outfit with a long green cape, giving him a rather imposing appearance. In some comics, Victor ditches the skirt in favor of an all-metal suit with a green body, but the belted robe is definitely his signature look. 

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  • By day, she's known as Kamala Khan, but by night, she's Ms. Marvel - the Pakistani-American protector of the streets of Jersey City. After the Terrigen Mist was released into Earth’s atmosphere, Kamala acquired the ability to alter her shape, size, and appearance in any way she pleased. She follows in the footsteps of her mentor, Captain Marvel, protecting the world from danger while trying to balance her supervillain-fighting evenings with days as a normal Jersey City teen. 

    Ms. Marvel's outfit consists of a short blue dress with a yellow lightning bolt on the front, coupled with red tights and red sleeves. Chunky boots complete the outfit. It may make movement a little limited, but it sure does make for a cute ensemble.

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