Director's Cuts That Are Better Than The Theatrical Movies

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When filmmakers first release their movies to theaters, it’s not always in the form they would prefer. Studio mandates, public taste, and rights issues can transform an all-time classic film into something mediocre by the time it’s reedited. Fortunately, the rise of video streaming has allowed many of the better director's cuts to come to light.

Lots of director’s cuts are undeniably better than their theatrical versions. Extra scenes and added creative freedom can truly improve a film, regardless of how good it was in the first place. Plus, since the public has already reacted to the theatrical version, it's possible for creators to respond to criticism by fixing plot holes the second time around. 

When it’s director’s cut vs. theatrical version, which comes out on top? Which director’s cuts are better than the versions first seen by the public? While the answers to all of these questions are up for debate, a few director's cuts stand tall above the rest by keeping the best parts of their theatrical cuts while including much-appreciated bonus material.