Total Nerd You Might Change Your Mind About Superman After Seeing Some Of The Questionable Things He's Done  

Mick Jacobs

Comic book fans - both casual readers and devout consumers - typically consider Superman the paragon of justice and decency. But as this video below shows, Superman can be super mean when he so chooses.

With great power comes great responsibility may be a phrase from Marvel, but obviously DC's finest could definitely take it to heart too. Not only does Superman abuse his own power, he does so in ways that would qualify anyone else as a super villain.

Regardless of Superman's motives, cutting off people's water supply counts as a human rights violation. Not that Clark Kent cares, he's more powerful on his own than the entire United Nations.

Watch the video below to see how even the Man of Steel sports a pretty flexible moral code. Whether you want to admit it or not, Superman often fails to live up to his own namesake.