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All The Live-Action Superman Outfits, Ranked From Cape To Boots

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When it comes to adapting comic book costumes to film, the Man of Steel has a distinct disadvantage. It may not seem obvious at first, but it becomes clearer when you compare the many cinematic versions of Batman.

Because Bruce Wayne has no powers of his own - beyond a superhuman yearning to punch people in a lower socioeconomic class - his costume is like a suit of armor. It's always been open to interpretation. Take a look at every Batsuit ever worn onscreen and you'll find that it's been adapted and reimagined in multiple ways for multiple eras. Superman, though? Everyone knows what Superman's costume looks like. Messing with it too much is like putting an Instagram filter on a masterpiece.

Live-action Superman outfits don't tend to vary much in terms of the actual design, but paradoxically, that's what makes them interesting to compare. Material, color quality, and tailoring can make all the difference.

So, which is the best Superman costume? Do you prefer the clean simplicity of the Superman Returns suit? Or do the solid textures and muted colors of the Man of Steel suit have more appeal? Vote up your favorites below!