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Zack Snyder's Superman reboot has been casting since early this year. The complete cast list will be finalized when shooting starts. The cast is looking younger than some expected, but definitely in the range that fits a traditional Superman story. The latest attempt at a Superman remake is being produced by Christopher Nolan, who successfully relaunched the batman series with Batman Begins. Zack Snyder was chosen to helm the reboot, lucky for him it was before the disaster called Sucker Punch was released in cinemas. Here's Zack Snyder's Superman: The Man of Steel Cast List.

Henry Cavill is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Superman: The Man of Steel Cast List
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Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman
The British actor turned a few heads and caused a bit of ruccus when his casting was announced. Some (re:Fox News) thought that a character that fought for truth, justice, and the AMERICAN way shouldn't be played by a Brit.

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Lois Lane
While no one disagrees with the casting of this spunky upstart as Lois Lane, there's been an odd reaction to her hair. Rumor has it that they aren't going to change her locks from Amy's red to the more traditional brunette Lois.

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Unnamed General OR Lex Luthor (Rumor)
While he's saying he's playing an unnamed general (possibly Lois Lane's dad?), the internet will not let the rumor that he is playing Lex Luthor die. The film depictions of Lex Luthor are a contentious point for fanboys, as he has never been treated as anything more than a jovial ego maniac criminal, when in the comics he is a powerful businessman. Kevin Spacey was close, but still a written off criminal. Oddly it would seem Smallville was the closest to the source material with Michael Rosenbaum's depiction.

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General Zod
Cast for his intensity and other worldliness, Shannon has displayed a vast range in his acting abilities and hopes to bring something more dynamic to the Zod character than just the regality of Terrance Stamp's performance in Superman II.

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