15 People Tell Their Spookiest Supernatural Stories

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Plenty of people have had strange coincidences or mysterious happenings in their life. Sometimes these creepy circumstances can be explained away with science, an overactive imagination, or maybe just a lack of sleep. But every once in a while, something so inexplicable happens, the person who experienced it has no choice but to think it's something supernatural.

The supernatural experiences and supernatural experience stories we've gathered here are some of the spookiest we can find, and include weird sightings, ghostly apparitions, and all sorts of scary scenarios, as described by the everyday people of Reddit. Don't forget to let us know which of these stories you find the creepiest by voting on them below!

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    He Sounded Like An Animal That Learned How To Talk

    Posted by u/AskMeAboutMyTie:

    Not sure if this counts as supernatural but here it goes.

    The summer after I graduated high school I got a job delivering pizza. It was a Friday night, 2:45am, and we were preparing to close when our manager said we got a call for a delivery at place almost 20mins away. Being the desperate for money teenager I was, I offered to do the delivery.

    This was before smart phones had gps so I used a Garmin. I plugged in the address and off I went. The Garmin took me deep into the backwoods of rural Texas.

    I finally arrive to my destination. The house looked like something in a horror movie. Big wooden two story house with no lights on. The first thing I noticed was that the front door was wide open. I sat in my car for a few minutes debating on turning back and claiming no one was home. Something just didn’t feel right.

    But I needed the tip money so I sucked it up and approached the house. When I got to the open front door I didn’t enter. Instead I knocked. No one answered. I knocked again as loud as I could. No response. I finally got the courage to say something, “Pizza delivery! Anyone home?” There was a few seconds of silence until I heard a weird voice, “Upstairs!”

    I walked in the house and could barely make out my surroundings because it was so dark. I make it to the bottom of the stairs and look up into the dark abyss. Again I said, “Pizza delivery.” The voice spoke again, “Come upstairs. I can’t get out of bed.” Something was very off about this voice. It didn’t sound normal. The best I can describe it is if a dog somehow learned to talk but still had trouble pronouncing human words. The hairs stood up on my neck. There was no f***ing way I was going up there. The tip wasn’t worth it.

    I placed the pizza at the bottom of the stairs and shouted, “I’m leaving it here at the bottom of the stairs. Have a good night.” As I turned away the voice said, “No! Come upstairs! I can’t get out of bed!” I replied, “ I’m sorry I’m not even allowed to enter someone’s home on the job. You’ll have to come get it.”

    Then I heard some loud banging from upstairs with the voice shouting at full volume, “COME UPSTAIRS! I CAN'T COME OUT OF BED!” The voice shouted this over and over again like it was a recording on a loop. The banging got louder and louder as the voice got louder.

    I noped the f*** out of there at full speed. To this day I have no idea what the f*** happened in that house. They were supposed to pay by cash so I guess they got the pie on the house... I never went back. Not even during the day.

    And if it was an old or [disabled] person, then who the f*** left the front door wide open?

    This was in Spring, TX.

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    Someone Was Calling Their Name

    Posted by u/guinnessmonkey:

    I was 14 or 15, sitting in our downstairs living room while my parents slept in their bedroom upstairs. It was around 1am or so, and I was on the computer playing a video game. The only light in the house comes from my computer screen and a lamp that’s opposite me, by the couch.

    Suddenly, I hear a man’s voice say my name very plainly. Not a whisper, not a yell. Just a mid-level call that sounds like it’s coming from the darkened hall. I assume it’s my dad, because sometimes he comes down the stairs and calls at me from the lower step, to tell me to get to bed or whatever.

    I get up and go into the hallway, but no one's there. I look up the stairs, and call out (lightly) to my dad, but then I hear his telltale snores from upstairs. A bit weirded out, I go back to the computer.

    A minute later, I hear the voice say my name again, but this time it’s as if the person speaking is right beside me, and the voice is a bit more assertive. I jump and look in the direction of the voice. Nothing is there. Suddenly, the lamp across the room starts to hum, the light flickers, and the lightbulb explodes.

    I got pretty unnerved at that point. I turned on all the downstairs lights, cleaned up the burst bulb, and went upstairs to sleep.

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    It Grabbed His Ankle

    Posted by u/griffinber:

    This was back when I lived at my dad's house. I usually kept the TV on while I slept, but this night I had trouble sleeping, so I turned it off. Eventually I fell asleep but was startled awake by a really tight grip on my ankle. My body was still partially asleep so it was very hard to move. I didn't see anything besides my leg getting lifted up some, and then I started getting pulled off the bed. I am a big guy so that would take a pretty strong person to do that. I was able to grab onto the edge of my mattress and pull myself back, then grabbed the remote and turned on the tv to have some light, but I saw nothing at the end of my bed.

    I turned the light on and checked my entire room, and there was nothing out of the ordinary. Still no idea what happened.

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    There Was A Boy In The Mirror

    Posted by u/10487518386:

    When I was between the ages of 4-6, I used to see a little blond boy through this mirrored armoire in my parents bedroom.

    The armoire was big and wooden, but had mirrored accents and mirrors running all the way around the base. If I laid on the carpet in front of it and looked into the mirrors on the bottom, sometimes I’d see a little blond boy in a red sweater in the corner of the room, far away and a little distorted but still very clear. He would sit with his back to me, looking out the windows to the backyard. I don’t remember ever seeing his face.

    I don’t think I saw him many times but I do remember his image very clearly. In my little kid mind I thought I invented this super neat mirror trick by myself, so I tried to get my parents to see it too. They always refused and my mom especially would get super mad at me for asking.

    I stopped seeing the boy when I stopped playing in their bedroom as much and knew mirrors shouldn’t work like that. When I got older I chalked it up to my overactive kid brain. Didn’t think much of it tbh.

    Years and YEARS later, when I was an adult and long after my parents had sold that house, my mom asked me about the armoire out of the blue then told me that she used to see the little boy too. Not in the mirrors but sometimes just out the corners of her eyes (like she’d be cooking and catch a glimpse of blond hair pass by her hips, at a kid’s height) and occasionally in dreams. It didn’t happen too often but just enough to deeply freak them out. So when I mentioned seeing the same little boy, my mom was just terrified herself.