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'Supernatural' Fans React To The Show's 300th Episode

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When Supernatural first premiered, it seemed unlikely that the show would hit 100 episodes, let alone 300. The CW's little show that could reached that mammoth milestone in its 14th season, and the show's rabid fans took to Twitter to react. The buildup to the episode saw the show's stars tweeting out memories, showrunners revealing behind-the-scenes facts, and even guest stars talking about their time on the series. But the show itself was for the fans, and judging by their reactions, the episode more than met expectations.

We gathered some of the best reactions that captured the feeling of watching Supernatural's 300th episode. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

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    Right In The Feels

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    The Latest Flavor Is Here

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    It Made The Wait For The Next Episode Easier

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    It's A Family Business

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