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13 Times 'Supernatural' Referenced Its Own Fanbase

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Any fan worth their salt knows of inside jokes on Supernatural. The CW series made dozens of references to its fans over its long run through metafiction episodes, creating characters that resemble fan behavior, and dialogue that incorporates words and phrases created by the fandom. These are generally a hilarious way to wink to fans over how the series is aware of the tropes connected to it, sometimes in a self-deprecating and cheeky way, and other times as a genuine thank you to the show's devoted followers.

Here are the times Supernatural made meta-references and fun nods to its fans.

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    Sam Gets Uneasy When They Mention 'Gilmore Girls'

    When Supernatural was in its second season, fans still mainly knew of Jared Padalecki from his stint as Dean on Gilmore Girls. The series made this association as a nod to these fans, as Season 2, episode 18, "Hollywood Babylon," features the brothers on the set of Gilmore Girls, where the dialogue makes a clear hint to Jared's time on the show.

    Sam becomes uneasy at this and tells Dean it's time to leave.

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    When Discussing Crazy Fan Fiction, Dean Looks Right At The Audience

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    In the episode "Fan Fiction," Dean is horrified to learn how fans place him in romantic pairings with Sam and Castiel.

    When Marie, the writer of the musical, claims that it's all in the subtext - as Supernatural fangirls are known to interpret everything about the boys to be romantic - an annoyed Dean breaks the fourth wall and stares in the camera as a way of judging viewers for their intense fan fiction stories.

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    The 'Fake' Misha Collins Tweets To His Real-Life Fans

    Season 6, episode 15, "The French Mistake," is the ultimate fan reference episode, where the brothers land in an alternate universe where they're the actual Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

    In response to how weird they're behaving, Misha Collins is shown tweeting his fans over how he thinks the duo are probably drunk from the night before. This was actually tweeted by the actor to fans, and can still be viewed to this day.

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    Sam And Dean Attend A 'Supernatural' Convention, Of Sorts

    Season 5, episode 9, "The Real Ghostbusters," sees the brothers travel to a Supernatural convention where they come across fans who outright act like Sam and Dean while also wearing similar clothes.

    This is a reference to real conventions where fans have a habit of putting on costumes based on the Winchesters.

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