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Hilarious and Heartwarming Jensen Ackles Interviews That Make Us Love Him Even More

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Over it's 15 year lifespan, Supernatural has amassed an army of fans and captured a bounty of hearts, and it all started with that dynamic duo, Sam and Dean Winchester. Of course, while the premise and writing are great, one also has to wonder if the show would be anywhere near as iconic if they hadn't also made the perfect casting decisions. Jared Padalecki is a spot-on Sam, while Jensen Ackles is the perfect dean.

While both characters and the actors behind them are deeply beloved by the fandom, everyone has their favorite. If it's Jared Padalecki/Sam Winchester, we've got you covered. But if you're more of a Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester fan, this is the list for you! These interview moments with the Supernatural star are funny, heartwarming, and all around awesome. Vote up your favorites, and don't forget to also check out more interviews with the cast when you're done!