The Best Supernatural Shows on TV Right Now

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Vote up your favorite shows that deal with themes or situations that go beyond the laws of science or nature (like ghosts, magic, witches, or anything paranormal), that are currently airing new episodes.

These current supernatural TV shows in 2021 are currently providing fans with all manner of spooky entertainment. If you're a fan of supernatural phenomenon, these may be the shows for you. They range from Ghosts (a sitcom, but with ghosts, and also found family?) to Outlander (which pairs historical romance with supernatural time-jumping). Below you'll find are the supernatural shows currently on TV, ranked for your binge-viewing pleasure.

Whether you are looking for ghost shows currently on TV or current TV shows about witches, this list can guide you through your supernatural choices. They include a variety of network and cable series with unique themes and surprising twists.

Current TV shows with magic and supernatural elements include Stranger Things, one of the most talked-about Netflix series. But you don't have to stream all your favorite supernatural TV shows. Fan of vampires? Check out What We Do In The Shadows. Fan of superheroes? Enjoy The Flash. All of these shows have been renewed by their networks and will continue to surprise you with their memorable visuals, unique worlds, and sense of magical realism.

From Surreal Estate to Evil, shows with the best ratings and the most devoted niche audiences are often ones that deal with the supernatural. So which supernatural series do you think are the best on air now? Cast your votes below and add any other supernatural shows currently airing on television and streaming platforms.


Photo: Stranger Things / Netflix