The 280+ Best Supernatural Series

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These are the very best supernatural TV shows, ranked from best to worst. Satisfyingly out-of-this-world supernatural TV shows have been a staple of television for years, so there's often debate about what the most entertaining supernatural show of all time is. This list of the greatest supernatural shows includes everything in the genre, from TV shows about witches, to vampires, aliens, and beyond (the veil). Don't let your favorite supernatural television programs in history fall to the bottom of the list - be sure to vote them up so they have the chance to reach the top spot. The list of supernatural television shows below includes information like the program's cast, creator, and premiere date, and even pictures, when available.

Whether they're current supernatural TV shows or off-the-air classics, shows with paranormal themes tend to gain huge cult followings. This list below has a variety of shows on it, from Strange to Haven, and from witch TV shows to other fantasy shows that fans of the genre love. Scrolling through Netflix looking for some new shows like Supernatural to watch? Look no further, this list has all the good supernatural TV shows that will fill your need for shows in this genre.

What is the best supernatural show of all time? What are the greatest supernatural shows? Cast your votes below on your favorite supernatural series and rerank this list of supernatural TV shows to see how your preferences stack up to those of other fans.

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