The 20 Weirdest 'Supernatural' Episodes, Ranked

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When a show has been on the air for 15 years, chances are high there are a few weird episodes plugged in somewhere. With a show like Supernatural - which reveled in pushing the envelope with odd and often meta episodes - there are more than just a couple.

From playing themselves acting in the show Supernatural, to suffering through a Groundhog Day, and even getting animated and teaming up with Scooby-Doo, these are the strangest cases Sam and Dean ever worked.

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    The French Mistake

    The French Mistake
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    Season 6, Episode 15

    The show's most meta episode by a mile (which is saying something coming from a series like Supernatural) is "The French Mistake." In order to lose the angels and demons that are looking for them, Sam and Dean are pushed into another universe where Supernatural is a minimally viewed but passionately loved series, and the two play themselves - Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles - who are the actors on the show.

    The episode pokes fun at Ackles's previous acting gigs on soap operas and the fact that Padalecki married Genevieve Cortese - who played the demon Ruby in Season 4 - in real life.

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    Changing Channels

    Changing Channels
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    Season 5, Episode 8

    The Trickster's finest hour is Season 5's "Changing Channels." This time, the brothers are shoved into a TV land where they are forced to play specific roles to stay alive. The shows range from a cheesy '90s sitcom; to a Grey's Anatomy knockoff called Dr. Sexy, M.D.; to CSI; and even an STD commercial.

    The Trickster's message this time is that the boys need to take what they've learned playing their roles in the shows and accept their destined roles in life - Sam as Lucifer's vessel and Dean as Michael's - and let the coming apocalypse run its course.

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    The Monster At The End Of This Book

    The Monster At The End Of This Book
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    Season 4, Episode 18

    The first truly meta episode of the series finds Sam and Dean tracking down a writer named Carver Edlund (a mashup of Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund, two writers for the show) who has written a number of books titled Supernatural that are word-for-word Sam and Dean's life.

    The books are each titled after the episodes of the first three seasons, and there are a number of knocks at specific books being worse than others - a nod to actual episodes that fans of the show don't love (looking at you, "Bugs"). The boys eventually find out that Carver Edlund is just the pen name for a guy named Chuck Shurley, who turns out to be a prophet of God assigned to write the Winchester Gospel.

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    Mystery Spot

    Mystery Spot
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    Season 3, Episode 11

    Any show that's been on the air as long as Supernatural has to do an obligatory Groundhog Day episode, and that's "Mystery Spot."

    Another one of the Trickster's ploys, Sam is forced to watch Dean perish over and over again as he relives the same day and fails to save his brother time and again. The Trickster wants to show Sam that no matter what he does, he won't be able to stop Dean from going to hell at the end of the year.

    It's a weird episode with a surprisingly dark message - right where the show butters its bread - that'll also manage to get Asia's "Heat of the Moment" stuck in your head.

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    Bad Day At Black Rock

    Bad Day At Black Rock
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    Season 3, Episode 3

    Sam and Dean learn that their dad kept a storage unit full of cursed objects - but only after they're notified that someone broke in and stole something. The missing item turns out to be a rabbit's foot that gives the owner amazing luck, but once it's lost, that person's luck turns so bad they end up deceased.

    Unfortunately, Sam grabs the foot and it's stolen shortly after, leading to a number of comical moments as Sam's luck gets progressively worse.

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    Season 11, Episode 4

    "Baby" is a great example of how, even after 11 years, the show still found new and unique ways to tell a standard monster-of-the-week episode. It's a testament to the long-running series' confidence in being able to deliver a solid story within a limited space.

    This episode is filmed entirely within the confines of the brothers' trusted Impala, and includes a number of moments not seen in a standard episode - including the brothers goofing off on long drives, sleeping in the car when they can't find a motel, and more.

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