Awesome Superpowers We'd Give Anything to Have

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List of the best superpowers we all wish we had as voted by the Ranker community. This list of superpowers includes anything we've seen in movies, read in comics, or dreamt up ourselves. Just think about how life-changing it would be to have cool superpowers. Have you ever been sitting in traffic and wished that you could just fly to work? Or have you had to run through the airport to catch your plane and thought of how great it would be to just teleport where you wanted to go? Maybe you'd just want to be able to know what your partner is thinking for once. Superhero powers may not all be useful, but they can sure come in handy, but just remember Uncle Ben's famous words, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

The most-wanted superpowers - even the weird, obscure ones - improve our everyday lives or allow us to become a little greater than we are. If you've ever been jealous of superheroes and their different types of awesome superpowers, fantasize with this list and pretend you've harnessed their powers. Now, you can use this list of superpowers to dream of how your life could be. Share this with your friends and add whatever cool superpowers you wish you had. 

This is a list of the best superpowers we wish were real. Vote up your favorite and add any that aren't listed yet.  

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    Time Manipulation

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    Rapid Cell Regeneration

    Ability to regrow body parts along with general healing factor
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    Elemental Powers

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    Healing Ability

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    Super Speed

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    Use Any Super Power You Encounter

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    Opening Portals to Anywhere I Can Envision in My Head

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    The Ability to Control Matter

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    Mind Control

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    Force Field Generation

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    Fast Reflexes

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    Super Intelligence

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    Super Strength

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    Mind Reading

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    Make Anything Out of Thin Air

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    Ability to Have Every Powers

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    Ability to Steal Someone Else's Powers

    The ability to take on the attributes of someone else's power.
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    Ability to Speak Any Language. (omnilingualism)

  • Absorb any amount of energy and store it to then be released how you like in the future