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Which Supervillain Would You Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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Darkness can't exist without light, similarly to how good can't exist without evil. For every superhero, there needs to be a supervillain to challenge them. The universe must balance out, and the stars know this is true. 

Just as it's possible to imagine superheroes as zodiac signs, their evil counterparts also align with various astrological symbols. Whether the supervillain is an evasive and mysterious Aquarius such as X-Men's Mystique, or a rash Aries like the Joker, there's a baddy for every star sign in the night sky. 

  • Ever impulsive, Ariens perfectly foil the methodically calculated Taureans. Because of this, it's only appropriate to pit the Joker against Taurus's Batman. There's a reason why avid comic book fans consider him Batman's perfect adversary.

    As the Dark Knight's chief nemesis, the Joker is famous for his erratic behavior. His origin story involves falling into a vat of toxic waste, something only a gung-ho, headstrong Aries would do.

    The Joker's lack of superhuman abilities doesn't inhibit his ability to cause mayhem. Like a true Aries, his vivacious personality is enough to win him followers such as the impressionable and brilliant Harley Quinn.

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  • Tauruses are orderly, stubborn, and consistent. They love molding things to meet their vision: art projects, social situations, and probably even metalif they could. Their obsession with structure perfectly aligns with Magneto, one of the most powerful mutant villains in the X-Men universe. 

    Magneto can control of magnetic fields, allowing him to manipulate everything from small coins to massive asteroids. He also maintains strong connections with his former proteges and mentors. Like a Taurus, Magneto never forgets.

  • Sorry to all the Geminis out there, but the sign has a reputation for being duplicitous. This is why they match up with the once-promising District Attorney of Gotham City, Harvey Dent—otherwise known as Two-Face. 

    Poor Harvey suffered hideous scars on one side of his face, leading to a cackling split personality who acts as the attorney's polar opposite. Although some films have taken liberties with his backstory, Two-Face's comic book origin involves a mob boss throwing acidic chemicals in his face during a trial. This leads to his deceitful nature and unfortunate comparison to Gemini.

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  • Cancers are generally the most emotional zodiac sign. It doesn't take a second viewing of 2002's Spider-Man to understand why Norman Osborn and his evil counterpart, the Green Goblin, pair well with Cancer.

    The Goblin is essentially Osborn's other personality, the moody demon that gnaws at his core, forcing him into ethically compromising – and deadly – situations. Since Cancers also have a hard time keeping their emotions at bay, they gel comfortably with the Goblin's devilish persona.