Really Great BFs And Hubbies Who Support Their Ladies' Love Of Makeup

Let's face it, after all the time we ladies spend contouring, balancing our eyeliner wings, and searching for the perfect lipstick shade, there's nothing hotter than guys who appreciate makeup and all the work we put into applying it. Here you'll meet a group of guys who love their makeup loving girls in ways that might even up your #boyfriendgoals. Watch as these supportive makeup boyfriends go to adorable lengths to attempt to relate to the women they love. 

Though you may have never thought it was possible that a conversation about makeup could ever factor into your relationship goals, here you'll feast your eyes on guys who are willing to do everything from watch makeup tutorials to let their girlfriends do make up on them. You'll also read confessions from men who have even launched their own investigations into the world of makeup in order to make sure they shower their girls with the perfect gift.

It's only fair to warn women everywhere, however, that after getting a load of the men you're about to meet, your fantasies about future relationship may never be the same.

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