15 Supposedly Scary Movie Monsters Any Idiot Could Have Easily Defeated

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If you watch a lot of scary movies, you’ve definitely had a moment where you realized you could survive the horror movie that you’re watching. Even if it’s full of scary movie monsters, most horror movies require the targets to be total idiots. Even the scariest horror movies ever made have some very easy to eliminate movie villains. A lot of horror movies not only require some form of suspension of disbelief, they also need you to believe that every character in the film would act like they had a full frontal lobotomy. People run upstairs, they ask “who’s there” when they hear something move in the woods, and they let creepy little dolls hang out in their homes. No one in their right mind would do this. There are definitely a few horror movies you don’t want to be stuck in but the films cataloged here are the movies films that you could survive using half your brain.

There are some truly terrifying figures in film, however those characters aren’t what you’ll be reading about. This is a run down of every unbelievable horror movie monster and least scary horror movie villain – sorry in advance if your fave pops up at any point. Whether they’re just a guy in a mask, a magical creature, or a creepy evil doll these are the movie monsters a kid could fight.