Surfer Slang To Learn So You Won't Sound Like A Barney  

Natalie Jonah
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Have you ever found yourself scratching your head when listening to the things surfers say? Surfers are a tight-knit group who use their surfer slang to weed out interlopers in their midst. Not unlike the slang bikers use, surfers have their own language and lingo. And while many of these idioms have made their way into mainstream culture thanks to movies and surfer-oriented clothing companies - looking at you Billabong and Quicksilver - there's still a lot of surfing vocabulary that can sound like gibberish to a landlubber. 

Learn these terms so you can speak like a surfer; even if you're just a kook when you hit the beach, at least you won't sound like one!

Hang Ten

Meaning: The act of surfing with both feet at the very tip of a longboard to the point where all ten toes are hanging over.

Use It In A Sentence: The hang ten may be an old-school move, but it never goes out of style.

Is this real surfer slang?

Meaning: A large, loose pair of board shorts.

Use It In A Sentence:  That dude’s baggies are so loose they nearly fell off.

Is this real surfer slang?

Meaning: Surf conditions that are impressive but at the same time very dangerous.

Use It In A Sentence: Things are looking a little too gnarly out there - we better bail.

Is this real surfer slang?

Meaning: To surf impressively, especially on a longboard. You can also use the term in reference to snowboarding, BMX riding, or playing guitar.

Use It In A Sentence: You know you’re shredding when you break the wave with your own board.

Is this real surfer slang?