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Graveyard Shift
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Surgeons Describe Their "Oh Sh*t" Moments In The Operating Room

Updated 1 Jul 2019 443.1k views15 items

Doctors have seen some pretty gnarly things in hospitals and waiting rooms but surgeons are the medical professionals who see the most gore. By the very nature of their job, surgeons must endure patients with gruesome diseases, malodorous body scents, and rotting flesh. Additionally, they must brave it all with steady hands and clear heads. How do surgeons abide such things and return to their jobs day after day? First, they scrub their hands vigorously. Second, theirs is one of the highest paid professions in the world. Large sums of money can make almost anything palatable. 

Surgeons also seem to enjoying sharing their tales with one another in order to make the horror less scarring. They've created a thread on Reddit detailing all of the moments when they went, "Huh, how in the world is this even possible?" And all of those WTF moments are below to make you wonder if any amount of wealth is worth such a queasy stomach, and whether you'll ever trust yourself to go under a surgeon's knife ever again.

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