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10 Satisfying Stories Of Customers Reacting To Being Mistaken For Employees

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Being mistaken for an employee is apparently such a common thing that there's an entire subreddit dedicated to chronicling stories. But there are some heroes that know how best to deal with these awkward situations. Vote up the best stories!

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    Snatched Her Bread

    From Redditor u/Bangbangsmashsmash

    I wear bright blue scrubs for my job. I had a doctors appointment, so I’m taking a later lunch, and decided to get curbside pick up. Unfortunately, the poor store is visibly swamped. After waiting about 15+ minutes, I decided to walk in to pick up my order (no biggie, I have eyes, I see what’s going on). After I collected my meal and walked out, a lady rolls down her window and starts waving and yelling her last name (I assume) over and over. I ignore her and get in my car with my bag, take out my delicious baguette, buckle my seatbelt, etc. when suddenly, SHE OPENED MY CAR DOOR!!!!!

    She started screaming about me taking her food or not delivering to her or something... I was in shock and fear. She grabbed my bread!! I was so scared I started yelling for help. Thankfully some people on the patio, and the girl why was actually delivering food heard me screaming, and came. (Side note delivery girl dropped this woman’s bag of food to run and intervene) The police were called and while they were on their way, I finally understood what was going on. “Look at me! I am in scrubs! I work at a hospital, not [this bakery] you idiot!” The manager of the [bakery] gave me some gift cards and more bread, and wild lady was [taken into custody]. BONUS: she parked in a handicapped spot, and I think her car will be towed.

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    Not Your Food Deliverer

    From Redditor u/omartoor

    I’m brown and I’m an IT executive.

    I ordered take out from a local BBQ place and was going back to my hotel with my food in a large paper bag with the name of the restaurant written in large letters on the side.

    There was a group of people outside the hotel and as I approached the hotel entrance, this women rushes over and grabs my bag of food. I yank it back.

    She goes “I’ve been waiting for this!”. It just hits me that she thinks I’m her food delivery driver here with her food. I politely tell her I’m not her delivery driver. With a confused look on her face, she goes “Are sure? You LOOK like one”.

    At this point I just want her to let go of my bag and a few of her guy friends come over and tell me to stop giving her a hard time and to hand over her food.

    So I spell it out for them. I am NOT your food delivery driver. This is MY food. I’m a guest at this hotel.” I yank the bag away from her and as I enter the hotel, I see her pulling out her phone and saying “I’m calling (delivery service) and telling them what an a$$hole you are … and I want my money BACK!”

    Go right ahead lady. Go right ahead …

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    Fired Two Times

    From Redditor u/MeesterPepper

    Long story short, in 2014 I was working at a pizza chain...At the beginning of July, I gave a two week notice to my manager that I'd be leaving to move out-of-state to be closer to family (and a better job market). I finished out my time as promised, moved, found a new, better gig, and that was that...

    In summer of 2015, I received a call from a new store manager. He informed me that he's been putting me on schedule and it was unacceptable that I wasn't even coming in to look. If I didn't show up today, he would have no choice but to fire me.

    I asked, "did the old manager not take me out of the system after I quit last year?" He grumbled and made some snarky complaint that if I had quit a year ago, I wouldn't be in his scheduling program. I let him know I live in a completely different state, am working a completely different job, and would not be showing up for any shifts he scheduled me for. He threatened to fire me again, and I reiterated "hey, I don't actually work for you, so do what you gotta." He hung up and that was the last I heard of it...

    Until we fast forward to yesterday. I received a letter from the corporate office informing me that, per their records, I haven't shown up to work since July 2014, and, unfortunately, they were going to have to terminate me. I still almost can't stop laughing - especially since, you know, they sent the letter to the address I gave them when I quit.

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    A Rude Returning Customer

    From Redditor u/Aggravating-Good-332

    Jerk (J)
    Former Boss (B)
    Me (M)

    Backstory: When I was younger I had a job at a small market in our city's central, usually you can work from age 15-17, but as soon as you turn 18, you will most likely get fired. Once you turn 18 your salary increases a LOT. This is important for later

    For the past 2 years I worked at the same shop sitting in the desk, but since I was nearing age 18, I knew I couldn't stay. This meant I knew I was about to get fired, and sure enough, a week before I turned 18 I was told I was fired. I told B I knew why, and it was understandable, since the small shop needed to save as much money as possible since the income and profit [were] already low, for being a local city market, and not some big shopping centre.

    I got a bonus for being fired and decided to keep this bonus to use on something special. One day weeks later I see that the same shop just got home some extremely expensive and unique food products, imported from around the world, and out of pure curiosity I went there to buy some myself. I arrived to a really busy shop having many customers wanting to buy all these special beers, sausages and so on, but I had set my eyes on this one thing. American candy. I live in the EU and American candy isn't really being sold so much in my country, so I was drooling from the thought of getting to try some of these big products I hear about on the internet. I went to take some of the candy and put it in my basket, and here steps in J (Jerk). J was one of the greedy customers we had. When I still worked there, whenever there was a discount or something special, he just took as much as he could, not letting other customers buy some. It got so bad that we needed to put an "each customer may only purchase x-amount of this product" signs on some of our specialty products.

    J Then goes up to me and says:

    (J) "Are you packing these away already?"
    (M) "Haha, no, I was picking these for myself"
    (J) "But you are still working, you can purchase some when you're free from work"
    (M) "Sorry, but i don't work here anymore J"
    (J) "Yes you do, i saw you some weeks ago in the counter"
    (M) "I recently got fired since i turned 18"
    (J) "Yeah that's good with you, don't lie or I will call your boss and get you in serious trouble for steal ing the products that are meant for the customers."
    (M) "You can call him, it's not a joke, i really got fired since im turning 18"

    J Then began screaming about how I was being disrespectfull, and how I shouldn't be working in the store anymore, how I was [taking] and packing away special products from the customers so they couldn't buy any. I was getting pretty pissed at J since Me and B already knew that he was a sour bitter old man, but he always kept telling me, he was a good loyal paying customer. I always wanted to say "screw it" and say something whenever he went hoarder mode and bought all the specialty products.

    I told J to call my former boss (B) and ask him if I still worked here. Out of nowhere greedy J starts to take things out of my basket where I had my products, saying "These don't belong to you" where I then screamed at him for being so entitled and disrespectful, saying that he was the whole issue, since i already admitted that i didn't work there.

    I then stopped screaming in the old man's face, to where I then saw two police officers walk down the hall towards me and J. I got so pale because it looked really bad, since I was just done screaming my face off at J's face. The Police officer then holds up his one hand to grab my attention, where I just stare him directly into the eyes, to where J then decides to slap me in the face, and punch me in the stomach, making me drop the basket I was holding in my hands. It didn't really hurt, it just took me by surprise. The two police officers then went from walking and holding eye contact with me, to running at us looking at J. They handcuffed J and called B, confirming with the camera (Which has sound) that J was being a douche, and that I told J that I didn't work at the store anymore.

    The officers told me they had a call from one of the bypassing customers, which got worried because they heard "stealing" being yelled in the store, and J causing a tantrum. I left with my American candy that day, and an apology from B, saying they should have done something about him before this happened. Apparently this wasn't the first time J left the store in cuffs.

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