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10 Satisfying Stories Of Customers Reacting To Being Mistaken For Employees

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Being mistaken for an employee is apparently such a common thing that there's an entire subreddit dedicated to chronicling stories. But there are some heroes that know how best to deal with these awkward situations. Vote up the best stories!

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    An Awesome And Hilarious Wife

    From Redditor u/MrTooOldToCare

    My wife and I are "senior citizens"... in other words, we are OLD. My dear wife (DF) is a strong, independent, take no sh*t from anyone, type of woman. I adore her for it! She keeps me in line pushes me to be a better man, and is the reason behind my (modest) success in life. She is sarcastic, is wicked smart, can cuss like a sailor, and as she gets older, her filter is practically non-existent!

    A few months ago, we decided to treat ourselves, we made reservations and went to a rather high end restaurant. They had a maître de, sommeliers, highly trained wait staff, etc. My wife, even though she is in her 70's, has very little grey hair and can pass for 55. She was wearing a very pretty white, lacy blouse, very flattering black pants, and black flats (she looked GOOD!).

    When we arrived, there was no line (surprisingly) and the maître de had apparently stepped away from the podium where he stands. We were waiting there and my wife was right next to the podium and I had sat down at one of the benches provided by the entrance, when another couple came in. Without missing a beat, the man walked up to the podium and told my wife, "Rockafeller (not the name he used), we have reservations for two". My wife said that she was sure someone would be with them shortly. The woman huffed a little and the man said, "Please seat us NOW!" My wife told them that she is waiting to be seated but the man said again, "Seat us NOW!" So my wife said, "Right away, walk this way, she walked away with them behind her as she walked around the partition separating the entrance to the dining area, circled around to the other end and led them back to the entrance and, pointing to the bench, said, "SIT DOWN!" The man looked like he was going to blow a gasket, and my wife repeated, "I don't work here you moron, you wanted me to seat you, so sit the "f" down!" As the couple [was] sputtering, and before it could escalate future , the maître de arrived, we gave our name and he lead us away.

    There was no yelling and no threats of police. We had a wonderful meal (over priced but, oh well) and the other couple was several tables away from us. We didn't interact again with them, but they did shoot us dirty looks now and then.

    Now, before you say my wife overreacted and could have explained that she didn't work there in a better way, she has a wicked sense of humor and hates idiots. She LOVES being a smartass and is so good at it! One of the reason that I, after being with her all these years, still love being "put in my place" by her when I start getting a little too misogynistic.

    I wanted to post this again because since the original posting, I have lost the love of my life to "the current global health crisis". Maybe, someday, I'll be able to post new content about the wonderful woman I was honored to call my wife... I'm just not in the head space to do so now.

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    Responded In The Most Wholesome Way Possible

    From Redditor u/Candiland50

    Not mine but my grandmother's. From the time I was in first grade until my freshman year of high school, my grandmother's phone number and the local high school in our small town had a phone number that was exactly the same except, the last two digits were reversed. Every morning Monday through Friday between 6:45 and 7:45 a.m. my grandmother's phone would ring off the hook. My grandmother being the sweet wonderful woman that she was, would answer the phone. Now you need to remember this in the late 80s and things were a lot different then. Every morning during the school year, between set times someone was calling to say their student wouldn't be at school. When it first started happening my grandmother would kindly say I'm sorry you have the wrong number. After a while she got to the point where she would sit down at her kitchen table get a cup of coffee a notebook and set the phone on the table. Every morning when these calls started coming in my grandmother would kindly ask what's your name, what's your student's name, and why aren't they coming in? Then every morning at 8:10 she would call the high school, and give them her list. What a wonderful woman.

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    Goes So Far As To Insult Them

    From a former Redditor

    I use a cane to get around and I attend a rather competitive program. But, I’m also poor...I wear the same things I have worn since high school. While things will be looking up soon, I have to finish to get free of poverty.

    I’m sitting in an area of campus with a coffee shop and seating. I usually study here. The coffee shop employees know me well since I always sit there to study and chat and get caffeine.

    On this day the janitor is doing a once through of the place and we were chatting. He gets a call from his boss and he leaves his stuff on my table with permission. I’m drinking coffee reading.

    Some freshmen comes in...despite the actual wet floor sign being there she ignores it, almost slips, and drops her iPhone.

    She immediately is furious. Looks right at me. “Maybe you should finish before you take a break and dry the floor.” And just walks [past] me in a huff.

    “I’m all for hiring special needs people but holy sh*t at least make sure they do the job and are not taking advantage of the generosity”. She says it loud enough that all the employees hear it.

    When she gets up to the counter she says “Can you believe that?! Is he new?!”

    Employee: That's not our employee. That’s a student. Leave, you are not getting coffee.

    Her: Oh come on I can’t deal with this today just give me “coffee with express”.

    Employee: Apologize to them right now.

    Her: Excuse me?! Who do you think you are!? Give me my d*mn coffee.

    Employee: No, you are banned. Get out.if you don’t I’ll call the campus police

    Her: This is just a big misunderstanding, let me talk to the owner or the manager.

    Employee: No. Apologize or leave. Last chance.

    Her: How was I supposed to know any of this I’m new ?! I just started, can you please give me my coffee.

    She was banned for the next 4 years she was at the school. The BOSS that she was talking to gave me a free coffee.

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    Kept Calling Them To Work

    From Redditor u/Thischick1

    I worked as a hostess during college at a big chain restaurant that had a huge staff. My location was the management training location for our region so we had a lot of new managers cycling in and out, most of them were promoted servers or bartenders from different locations and had no management experience prior to this. I never loved working at this location as lot of the new managers were on a little bit of a power trip (kind of comes with the territory as new managers) so after a year of being berated for issues that were completely out of my control I finally got a new job and put in my two weeks. I handed it directly to our gm, thanked her for everything and was set to leave on good terms with the company.

    Fast forward two weeks and I received a notification that my schedule was set for the following week. I called the restaurant and reminded the on duty manager that I was no longer an employee and they would need to put someone else on to fill my spot, they apologized and moved on. Another 2 weeks pass and I get the same notification, I once again call the restaurant to remind them, they again apologize. Before I hang up I say something along the lines of “ hey, make sure you make a note of this because I’m going out of country next week and I won’t be able to call if this happens again” they agree and we end it there.

    So this is where it gets dramatic. I’m on vacation in Spain and I get a string of angry texts from a new manager at the restaurant reminding me that I’m 5 minutes late and If I don’t arrive in the next 5 minutes I’ll be written up. I text back saying “sorry, I know you’re new but I put in my two weeks over a month ago, I don’t know why I’m still on the schedule.” New manager replies saying that although that may be the case, it is absolutely unacceptable that I am missing a shift I am scheduled for and if I don’t come in I will be written up and in bad standing with the company. I respond explaining that I am out of country and although I am sorry for their situation I am no longer an employee and there is nothing I can do to help. I then receive a string of at least 15 messages back to back. And let me tell you they were the most unhinged messages I’ve ever read. They went from calling me unprofessional to an arrogant brat- mind you, I never worked with this women, she started after I left. She accuses me of lying and being lazy, saying that if you quit a job you need to give notice and I should be ashamed of what I have done to the restaurant. Of course I took screenshots of the conversation and sent them to one of the other managers. Last I heard she was suspended and then demoted back to her original position at a different location. Definitely for the best.

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