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People Share Their Terrible Stories Of Surprise Parties Gone Wrong

Updated February 2, 2021 13.6k votes 1.5k voters 88.0k views21 items

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Surprise parties, whether for birthdays, baby showers, or bat mitzvahs, are always meant to be fun occasions full of cake and laughter. But the "surprise" aspect can inject just enough uncertainty into one's plans that it all has the potential to go south fast. 

From terrified birthday boys and girls, to bad timing and people who hate being caught off guard, here are stories from people who experienced pop-up parties that didn't exactly go the way everyone expected. Vote up the worst surprise party scenarios, and just hope that none of them ever happen to you!

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    Three's A Party

    Posted by u/OK4U2LOVE:

    Buddy of mine set up a surprise party for his fiancée. She thought he was off to another state for a week for work, but he came back early on her birthday and set up a huge surprise party for her at home. She usually gets home at like six pm from work and its already like seven pm. We finally hear her coming, we turn of the lights, and she comes in hammered with another dude that she was going to bang. 

    DRAMA was all over the place. It was a huge chaotic argument, people taking sides. My buddy was really p*ssed... jumped out of his seat, decked the dude in the face, and knocked him out. 

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    Too Old For Birthdays

    Posted by u/notwiththatattidude:

    The person we were throwing a 63rd birthday party for was coming back from a trip with his wife and we (50+ people) were in the backyard with all the decorations set up and food.

    His wife texted us when they were five minutes away, and we all gathered by the fence gate where they would soon enter (the fence was about seven feet tall, so you couldn't see anything over it). When they entered, we all yelled, "Surprise!" His face looked like he was about to sneeze, but instead he was having a stroke and ended up in the hospital for the evening.

    The food was good, though.

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    Party Pooper

    Posted by u/Church_of_Xenu:

    My aunt had set up a surprise 40th birthday party for my uncle. Everyone (about 30 friends, neighbors, relatives) were hiding in the basement waiting for him to come home from work. His car pulls up, he runs to house, everyone yells, "SURPRISE!" and he sh*ts himself. Turns out he had the runs that day and really had to poop. We all had to wait for cake until he got a shower. I was nine at the time and couldn't stop laughing.

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    Surprises On Both Ends

    Posted by u/spheryeyne:

    In high school, I was responsible for keeping a friend busy while her parents set everything up at their house for the party. We get back to her house, all lights are off, she walks in the door and announces, "I have to take a huge sh*t!" Lights turn on. "Surprise!" Embarrassment ensues.