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14 Surprise Party Stories That Were Definitely A Surprise

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Surprise! These parties were widely unexpected. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that's very, very bad. The list below consists of stories about surprise parties where someone was actually surprised.

What we hope you take away from these stories is this: Don't surprise someone unless you know they like to be surprised!!!

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    A Surprise For Everyone

    Posted by u/ChickenWhiskey:

    My aunt was throwing a surprise party for my uncle.

    When it was time, it was up to her to pick him up from work. She left and didn't return for HOURS. Nobody ate, because we were waiting for them to get back and by that time all the food was cold. There were no drinks left. And about midnight (It started at 6) my aunt came into tell everyone that the party was canceled. Many disgruntled moans and everyone mosied on out.

    The reason this happened was when she went to pick my uncle up from work she couldn't find him. She checked everywhere in the office, but his car was still there. She went to the bottom floor and heard a noise from the public bathrooms. Turns out my uncle had been having an affair with the secretary, and now they're divorced.

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    TFW Your Family Is Lame

    Posted by u/Old-Man-of-the-Sea:

    Having realized that I never had a birthday party, my then gf (now wife) decided to throw me a surprise party. We went to the park for a picnic. After a while she started crying. She told me about the party and that none of my family showed up. I felt really bad for her.

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    Calling 911

    Posted by u/lordhavepercy99:

    A friend of mine was having a stag party for his friend so they staged a fake kidnapping with masks and fake guns, the whole nine yards. Only they forgot to tell the neighbors about it so when they're dragging him out of his house the street had been closed off by several armed police with spike strips on the road and everything. So they all got to ride to the station that night.

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    Check The Cal

    Posted by u/nishaindie:

    We once planned this fancy surprise birthday party, and, when my friend walked in, we surprised him. He was surprised too. Turns out, however, the reason he was surprised was because we got his birthday wrong. We were a month early.

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