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14 Surprise Party Stories That Were Definitely A Surprise

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Surprise! These parties were widely unexpected. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that's very, very bad. The list below consists of stories about surprise parties where someone was actually surprised.

What we hope you take away from these stories is this: Don't surprise someone unless you know they like to be surprised!!!

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    Posted by u/incocknedo:

    My brother's best friend planned a party for right after [my brother] proposed.

    Everyone hid behind a door waiting for her to say yes, but she said "no" and then broke up with him. To make matters worse she left through the door everyone was hiding behind to find all their friends and family standing there.

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    When The Surprised Is The Surpriser

    Posted by u/[deleted]:

    My aunty planned a surprise party for my grandma about 20 years ago. My gran hates being the center of attention and hates massive crowds. She found out what my aunty had planned and her and my grandad spent the day 40 miles away on a beach somewhere.

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    Surprise (Breakup)!

    Posted by u/Prophet086:

    My GF at the time threw a surprise party for me. Unfortunately, it was relatively far away. She had been burning through my cash with fun trips, hotels and restaurants, and I hardly had the means to get there. For once, I declined to go see her that weekend. I didn't know anything about the party.

    She insisted, and I still declined. She got desperate, said: "If you don't come, we're over." That's where I drew the line and called it quits.

    To this day, I don't know anything about the party, other than it was organized.

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    Don't Drink And Surprise

    Posted by u/LunaNight88:

    Some friends of mine decided to throw me a surprise birthday party by doing it a week early. Unfortunately, they also started drinking before the party, too. A few minutes before I got home, someone threw up... which made another person throw up.

    I opened the door to my apartment to people trying to clean puke out of my carpet.

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