15 People Share The Most Surprising Aspects Of Adulthood Nobody Talks About

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Adults: vote up the the most surprising things about adulthood that you wish you knew before you grew up.

Adulthood comes with a lot of freedom. Freedom to go out late, eat whatever junk food you can get your hands on, make your own money, and be truly independent. But there are a lot of downsides to adulthood, and these people are sharing the adulthood surprises they came across as they got older. Whether you're an adult now, or you're going to be one soon, this list probably includes things you didn't know about adulthood.

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    You Don't Feel Any Different Than You Did As A Teenager

    From Redditor u/lenerz:

    Currently transitioning into full-blown adulthood (moved out with SO, got a pet, full-time job in my field, own car)... What surprises me the most is that I don't feel any different than when I was 18 or 19... Sure, I may be older physically, but mentally, I still feel at the same maturity level and I still have the same imagination/thoughts/theories/feelings... I'm the exact same on the inside... I thought I'd feel different.

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    It's Okay To Not Know What You Want To Do With Your Life

    From Redditor u/eclips1st

    As a teen, it seems like it’s so important to choose a career/field of study ASAP! That taking an extra semester or year is terrible! But it’s not… it’s okay if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up. It’s okay if it takes you half your life to find your way. Just keep exploring new things, even if it means studying in the wrong domain. You’ll get there.

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    All The Snail Mail Is Just Junk Or Bills

    From Redditor u/BrainyChipmunk:

    All of the snail mail really is just junk or bills. I always thought my parents were hiding something exciting from me.

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    It Takes A Lot Of Effort To Maintain Your Health And Fitness

    From Redditor u/littlebunsenburner:

    How much effort is takes to maintain your health and fitness.

    You can't get away with eating everything and lazing away once you get older... either you adjust or you'll start to feel the ill effects.

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    You Slowly Lose Touch With People You Care About

    From Redditor u/BrainTroubles:

    As a 27- going on 28-year-old who now has a career away from where I grew up, I would definitely say it's slowly losing touch with 90% of the people you care about. A friend gets married here, a friend moves there, a family member passes here, another there. Every time I get a chance to visit home I can't help but notice that the list of people I want to visit, and the people that want me to visit, gets a little shorter each time. Life doesn't wait for us, and it seems like every day one good friend or another is slowly drifting towards being just an acquaintance. It really sucks.

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    Your Life Is No Longer In Periods Of Six Months

    From Redditor u/rowsdower27:

    Your life is no longer in periods of about six months. Out of college, it's difficult adjusting from one semester at a time to just grinding day after day until you expire. I've been out of school for almost a year and I just have this feeling that I'm waiting for something to happen. And I realized I feel like I need to return to school. It's felt like a long summer break. And now I'm bored with that feeling so it's time to go back. Unfortunately, it's not the same even if I did go back.

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