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The Coolest Thors You Never Knew Existed

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Thor the God of Thunder has gone from being one of Marvel's B-listers that sat on the bench while Wolverine and Spider-Man got all the glory to the primetime, top-tier hero we all know him as today. The MCU took the characters that most people outside of the world of comics didn't care that much about, like Thor and Iron Man, and showed just how awesome they could be. That, in turn, reinvigorated the comic series and allowed them to really shine. Now there are a ton of great Thor stories and renewed interest in some of his past hits, as well. In fact, there is so much Thor in Marvel Comics that one Thor can't even begin to handle it all. That's why there's a veritable cornucopia of the Odinson that most audiences have no idea ever existed. From women to aliens to dinosaurs and frogs, there's a Thor out there to appeal to any taste.

If the only Thor you know is Chris Hemsworth, then it's time you expanded your Asgardian palate and took a look at some of the coolest Thors you've never even heard about.

  • Of all the Thors in all the multiverse, none have stood the test of time quite like Beta Ray Bill. Bill is a member of a species called Korbinites and was introduced to readers back in 1983. Bill holds a place in history as the first non-Asgardian ever to take hold of Mjolnir and wield it. Walt Simonson, the creator of Beta Ray Bill, designed him specifically to look like a monster so readers would immediately think he was one, then be taken off-guard when he was proven worthy of the hammer.

    Bill has gone on to be one of the most popular characters in the Thor universe. After a battle to determine the true owner of Mjolnir, Bill won but saved Thor's life. Odin ordered the creation of a new hammer called Stormbreaker, equal in power to Mjolnir but made just for Bill so both could share the power.

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    Old King Phoenix Thor

    Old King Phoenix Thor is a mouthful to say and it's for a good reason. This isn't the Thor from the Avengers; this is the most powerful Thor in creation. In fact, this is the most powerful being in the Marvel universe. Old King Phoenix Thor could arguably have lifted Thanos in one hand and popped him like a grape. But what does that mean? Let's try to explain!

    King Thor is the future Thor, when Odin has perished and his son has risen to the throne. More powerful than young Thor and more powerful than Odin himself, this is the being who exists in the universe of Old Man Logan in a dystopian, villain-filled future. In this timeline, Dr. Doom has the power of the Beyonder, a cosmic being who can do almost anything. And, in this storyline, Wolverine is the avatar of the Phoenix Force. Wolverine and Thor square off, two titans battling to the end, but Wolverine takes the fall and as he perishes, gives the Phoenix to Thor.  This powers him beyond belief so that he can take down the God Emperor Doom.

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    War Thor

    In the first Thor movie, we got to meet the Warriors Three, which consisted of Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg. These loyal companions of Thor fought at his side and mostly stayed in the background. In the comics, they have had a little more to do in their lives, especially Volstagg.

    Once a great warrior, Volstagg had become something of a boastful, drunken bumbler. On a diplomatic mission, he was attacked by the forces of the fire demon Surtur and many children in his care were slain. In his rage, he traveled to Asgard in another dimension, where he found an abandoned Mjolnir that transformed him into the destructive War Thor. Jane Foster's Thor had to intercede to stop him before he destroyed Surtur's entire race in retribution.

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    Iron Hammer

    The origins of the Iron Hammer are extremely complex and weird, but the short version is that Gamora sealed all life in the Soul Stone and then merged them. The souls of Tony Stark and Thor Odinson melded into Stark Odinson, the son of Howard Odinson, CEO of Asgard. It gets weirder, but features some fun side characters like the War Machines Three, the Arachknight, who was a melding of Spider-Man and Moon Knight, and even the Soldier Supreme, a melding of Dr. Strange and Captain America.

    After the storyline was sorted out, the universe was freed from the Soul Stone, but the world it had created, called Warp World, remained. So Iron Hammer lives on in a pocket dimension inside the Infinity Stone.