Anime Characters Who Are Not the Height You Thought They Were

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While watching anime, you might have some guesses about anime character heights. Often, those guesses are on point, but sometimes your guesses are a little - or a lot - off base. There are some seriously surprising anime character heights out there. For example, did you know that Brook from One Piece is over nine feet tall? What about the frightening fact that Dragonite from Pokémon is half the height of Dragonair, who it evolves from? Yeah, it gets weird. 

This list only includes characters with official canon heights. So, despite how distressingly tall as the characters from xxxHolic appear to be, they aren't on the list, because without knowing for sure if CLAMP intended for Watanuki to be nine feet tall, it's impossible to know if it's truly surprising. 

If a character's height came out of nowhere, vote it up. Vote down those character heights that you totally already saw coming.

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    Milly Thompson Looks Like She Towers Over People, But She's Only 5'6"

    Milly Thompson Looks Like She Towers Over People, But She's Only 5'6"
    Photo: Madhouse

    One thing that Trigun fans often remember about the show is how outlandishly huge Milly Thompson seemed to be. She hulks above her coworker Meryl Stryfe, and her head practically scrapes the top of doorways. You'd expect her to be at least six feet tall if not taller, but Milly is actually just 5'6". 

    Milly is from a fictional planet called Gunsmoke, so it's hard to make comparisons to real-world women, but no matter what, 5'6" just isn't outlandishly tall for an adult human.

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    Toshinori Yagi Is Tall AND Ripped

    All Might, also known as Toshinori Yagi, is probably the largest character in My Hero Academia aside from Mt. Lady, but a lot of fans don't realize quite how tall he is. The professional hero-turned-teacher stands at an impressive seven-foot, two inches. 

    This is terrifying, but it isn't obvious - when he's in his massive, muscular form, you're paying more attention to his impressive physique, and when he loses that form, he's so hunched over that his full height isn't obvious.

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  • It's obvious that Piccolo from the Dragon Ball Universe is tall, but exactly how tall might come as a surprise. Since he's a Namekian amongst humans, Saiyans, and Androids, it's sort of hard to gauge how tall he should be or actually is. That said, most viewers estimated Piccolo to be maybe 6'6" tall. Those estimates are dramatically wrong.

    The dude is 7' 5", roughly a foot taller than anyone might have reasonably assumed. Keep in mind that Vegeta is 5'3" - Piccolo's taller than him, but he's not the same height as Vegeta with Baby Trunks standing on his shoulders.

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  • The proportions of One Piece characters are utterly incomprehensible no matter what, but Brook's height is exceptionally baffling. Brook, a living skeleton, is a startling 9'1½" tall. This is taller than any humanoid creature has any right to be. It's also way taller than he actually appears to be on screen.

    Sanji, for example, is a reasonable 5'10" - but Brook, who is supposedly almost twice his height, looks like he's maybe six inches taller at most. Basically, One Piece is straight up lying.

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    Yami Yugi And Yugi Mutou Are The Exact Same Height

    One of the most surprising things about Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Yami Yugi is that he is, in fact, the same height as his host body, Yugi Mutou. Logically, of course he would be. The kid's bones aren't going to stretch every time he lets his alternate personality take over.

    That said, the anime consistently depicts Yami Yugi as at least a head taller than he actually is.

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    Nicolas Brown Is Deceptively Short

    Nicolas Brown Is Deceptively Short
    Photo: Manglobe

    Nicolas Brown, the protagonist of Gangsta, is about 5'5". Not only is this fairly unusual for a 34-year-old man, it's also just not apparent from the anime itself. In the above image, Nicolas (the dude covered in blood towering over everyone else) actually looks taller than Worick, who is almost six feet tall.

    The characters are often walking with significant distance between each other, which confuses viewer's perspective. Also, they spend a lot of time flipping around in the air. For those reasons, it's pretty easy to watch all of Gangsta without ever noticing that Nicolas is on the short side.

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