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Surprising Statistics About the Ways People Die

Updated November 5, 2019 32.0k views30 items

No matter who you are, you’re going to die. It’s a part of life that can’t be avoided, but the surprising causes of death that claim the most victims will definitely make you rethink everything you thought you knew. Blue Oyster Cult was right when they sang “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” but they should have amended their statement to say that you should fear things like working out too hard, vending machines, and going outside. Take a look at these surprising death statistics and try not to imagine yourself getting Final Destinationed by every one of these scenarios.

This list compiled so many weird causes of death that you’re going to start thinking twice before you visit the Grand Canyon or try to skitch on your way to school. Some of the statistics for how people die are kind of no-brainers, obviously people die from starvation and diabetes, but when you find out how many, you’re going to immediately start donating to UNICEF and watching your sugar intake for at least a couple of weeks. Don’t let these shocking death statistics freak you out, maybe you’ll be the one person who lives forever.

So what do you think the most surprising cause of death is? What isn’t as big of a deal as you thought it would be? Let us know in the comments, and be safe out there.